Hot Topic: Book scrutiny – what does good teaching and learning look like?

Event code SCH 19/590 
Event description Credit worthy -
• Knowing as much as your English Leader in book scrutiny’
This session will equip Head Teachers with the key points to look for when looking at pupils’ writing, in order to align your school judgements – particularly of the greater depth standard.

• Maths mastery myths and challenging all learners’
Many myths and misconceptions surround primary mathematics – is it now about teaching children to look to the east and learn how to use chopsticks? What are the key ingredients of a ‘teaching for mastery’ approach to mathematics and what should we be looking out for in books to know that all learners are being appropriately supported and challenged?

This session will be led by Penny Bill, English Adviser and Sarah Carpenter, Maths Adviser

Led by Improvement Advisors, these sessions are an opportunity for Headteachers, DHTs, Senior Leadership and Governors to come together 3 times across the year to receive training/input on the latest national & local developments and initiatives.

Please be aware that if you are an English Subject Leader who attended the summer meeting 2019 with Penny Bill will already have had this training.

This session is aimed at HTs and school leaders, rather than English leads

Delegates of our autumn Hot Topics session are invited to print and bring these three attachments. This is not vital, as some shared copies of these will be provided at the event, but they cannot be taken away from the meeting, or written on. Powerpoint slides will be provided after the event on this occasion, together with further commentaries.

Training objectives  
Key stages
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Subject areas Leadership & Management
Target audience
Deputy Head / Governor / Headteacher / Senior Leaders
target audience
Qualification level
MIDAS Centre - Meadowfield School, Meadowfield School, Swanstree Avenue, Sittingbourne, Kent, ME10 4NL
Location Swale
Training Provider The Education People - Standards and School Improvement Primary
Admin contact Rosemary Ervin (
Part of SLA? No
Kent LA cost
Other LA/Academy cost
Independent/PVI cost
Number of credits 10
Funding information Cost of course - £100.00 or 10 School Improvement SLA credits.

£10.00 will be added to the cost of SCH 19/582 if delegates attend both the AM and PM sessions.

20% VAT will be added at the point of invoice

This event is not part of the Governor Services training package and will be a monetary cost to the school. Governors will need authorisation from the school for the event fee.
Start date Wednesday 2 October 2019
Times 13:15-16:15
Number of sessions 1