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Event code SCH 19/841 
Event description • This half-day workshop is core training to support the universal level of Mainstream Core Standards and Best Practice Guidance
• This workshop will provide practical strategies to support individuals with dyscalculia and numeracy difficulties
• Participants will explore the definition of dyscalculia and how to assess children’s early maths skills effectively
• Opportunities to explore a range of practical activities to address each area of difficulty

This workshop is aimed at mainstream primary and secondary teachers and TAs.

Refreshments are included. 
Training objectives Participants will understand what is meant by the term dyscalculia. Participants will have practical assessment methods to enable them to understand the ways that individuals with dyscalculia and numeracy difficulties learn. 
Key stages
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Subject areas Teaching and Learning
Target audience
All Teaching Staff
target audience
Qualification level
MIDAS Centre, Meadowfield School, Swanstree Avenue, Sittingbourne, Kent, ME10 4NL
Location Swale
Provider MIDAS Centre - Meadowfield School
Event Administrator MIDAS@meadowfield.kent.sch.uk
Start date Thursday 28 November 2019
Times 09:30-12:30
Number of sessions 1