Introduction to the Budget planning Software (BPS)

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Event description Introduction to the Budget Planning Software (BPS) 2020-21 workshop

9.30 - 16.00 Please arrive in time to ensure that your laptop is set up and internet access available by 9.15


This full day session is for individuals who have not previously used the Budget Planning Software (BPS) whilst working for a local authority (Kent or Medway) school or an academy. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT A BUDGET SETTING COURSE.

The assumptions will be that all delegates are currently working in a finance role at a local authority school or academy and have purchased the core finance package which includes the Budget Planning Software.

Any school that hasn’t completed and returned their core finance package agreement must do so before coming to the training.

The day will cover

• Overview of BPS features and functions including Budget Setting, Payroll Reconciliation and Budget Monitoring
• Accessing the BPS as a new user
• Roles and access rights within the system
• Accessing Help and User Guidance as well as storing documents
• Adding and editing Cost Centres along with linking these to Ledger Codes
• Adding and editing Employee Information
• Creating a Budget Forecast
• Running Reports from BPS
• How to submit a budget
• How to make future updates as and when required
• How to monitor a budget that has already been created.

• Time will be dedicated to a workshop session where each delegate will be able to work on a version of their school BPS site.

Note: the schools will work on a copy of their live BPS which will be unaffected by any changes made on the training course.
• Questions will be taken

Delegates are required to bring along the following -

• Their letter of confirmation from CPD, to confirm that a place has been booked, for that day
• Delegates are required to bring along their own laptop and power pack
• Logon details must be available on the day to log in to your computer as well as BPS
• The BPS will be web based therefore access to the internet will be required. Please note the venue will have wireless internet in the room. Without internet access you will not be able to access your school’s BPS

If you do not have all the necessary information on the day and are unable to stay for the whole session a half day charge may apply

Who should attend?

Finance staff and other school staff who will be involved in using the Budget Planning Software for both budget setting and/or budget monitoring.

Please note that we cannot accommodate more than 2 delegates per school with one laptop between them

There will be a charge of £100 per person for non-attendance if Schools Financial Services is not informed of a cancellation within the required time stated on CPD Online

Training objectives Benefits of attending

• Delegates will have an understanding how the Budget Planning Software works and where amendments can be made
• Delegates will be aware how to amend information in the Budget Planning Software and run reports
• Delegates will be aware of how to use the Budget Planning Software create a 3-year budget and how to monitor against this.

Lunch will be provided

Please direct any queries relating to your Budget Setting course using the new Budget Planning Software to the Training team telephone 03000 415 415

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Subject areas School Finance
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Bursar / Business Manager / Finance Officer
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Hadlow Manor Hotel, Maidstone Road, Hadlow, Tonbridge, Kent, TN11 0JH
Location Tonbridge & Malling
Training Provider The Education People - Schools Financial Services
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Sue Lindgren
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Start date Wednesday 11 March 2020
Times 9:30 - 16:30
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