Event Catalogue for English

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Event Code Date Venue Location
 Teaching Phonics Effectively SCH 20/534 30/11/2020 Zoom course Location not specified
 Basic Phonics (2 session course) SCH 20/531 11/01/2021 Zoom course Location not specified
 TEP Talks: Reading for Pleasure: Building Communities of Readers SCH 21/331 14/01/2021 GoToWebinar Location not specified
 How to Assess Reading in the Primary School SCH 20/530 21/01/2021 Zoom course Location not specified
 English Subject Leader Meeting Spring 2021 (SSI SLA)  SCH 21/330 25/01/2021 GoToWebinar Location not specified
 English Subject Leader Meeting Spring 2021 (SSI SLA)  SCH 21/420 26/01/2021 GoToWebinar Location not specified
 Effective Editing and Redrafting of Writing SCH 21/070 08/02/2021 Zoom course Location not specified
 Raid your Reading to Write at Depth in Key Stage 2 SCH 21/071 24/02/2021 Zoom course Location not specified
 Building the Vocabulary of the Key Stage 1 Writer SCH 21/072 01/03/2021 Zoom course Location not specified
 English Subject Leaders' District Meeting - Ashford (SSI SLA) SCH 21/062 20/04/2021 To be confirmed Ashford
 Engaging Reluctant Writers SCH 21/256 22/04/2021 Zoom course Location not specified
 English Subject Leaders' District Meeting - Thanet (SSI SLA) SCH 21/063 26/04/2021 To be confirmed Thanet
 English Subject Leaders' District Meeting - Canterbury and Swale (SSI SLA) SCH 21/064 28/04/2021 To be confirmed Swale
 Creative Ways to Teach EGPS SCH 21/257 29/04/2021 Zoom course Location not specified
 English Subject Leaders' District Meeting - Maidstone, Tonbridge and Malling (SSI SLA) SCH 21/065 04/05/2021 To be confirmed Maidstone
 English Subject Leaders' District Meeting - Sevenoaks (SSI SLA) SCH 21/066 05/05/2021 To be confirmed Sevenoaks
 English Subject Leaders' District Meeting - Tunbridge Wells (SSI SLA) SCH 21/067 05/05/2021 To be confirmed Tunbridge Wells
 English Subject Leaders' District Meeting - Dartford and Gravesham (SSI SLA) SCH 21/068 06/05/2021 To be confirmed Gravesham
 English Subject Leaders' District Meeting - Dover, Folkestone and Hythe (SSI SLA) SCH 21/069 06/05/2021 To be confirmed Folkestone and Hythe
 How to Encourage Writing in the Wider Curriculum SCH 21/258 13/05/2021 Zoom course Location not specified
 Challenging your More Able Writers and Securing Greater Depth SCH 21/259 20/05/2021 Zoom course Location not specified
 Good Readers Make Good Writers and Good Writers Make Good Readers SCH 21/260 27/05/2021 Zoom course Location not specified