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Event Catalogue for Equality and Inclusion

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Event Code Date Venue Location
 Accelerating the Progress of Pupils with English as an Additional Language (four sessions) SCH 20/610 01/10/2020 Zoom course Location not specified
 Supporting Newly Arrived Pupils with English as an Additional Language SCH 20/611 01/10/2020 Zoom course Location not specified
 Racist Incidents: Recognising, Recording, Reporting, Responding to and Preventing Racist Incidents SCH 20/614 05/11/2020 Zoom course Location not specified
 Assessing Pupils with English as an Additional Language SCH 20/618 19/11/2020 Zoom course Location not specified
 Creating an All-Inclusive Classroom SCH 21/246 07/01/2021 Zoom course Location not specified
 Identify Children with AEN SCH 21/247 14/01/2021 Zoom course Location not specified
 Using Makaton with Singing EYC 21/063 21/01/2021 To be confirmed Maidstone
 Providing for Children with ASD SCH 21/248 28/01/2021 Zoom course Location not specified
 English as an Additional Language/Special Educational Needs or both? SCH 21/182 28/01/2021 Innovation Centre Medway Medway
 What to Look For SCH 21/249 04/02/2021 Zoom course Location not specified
 Working with Other Agencies Preparing an EHCP SCH 21/250 11/02/2021 Zoom course Location not specified
 Ensuring your school is LGBTQI+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Questioning and Intersex) inclusive. SCH 21/184 11/02/2021 To be confirmed Medway
 Accelerating the progress of advanced EAL Learners through development of Academic Literacy across the curriculum SCH 21/186 25/03/2021 Innovation Centre Medway Medway
 Supporting Gender Variant Children and Trans Young People in Settings and Schools SCH 21/187 30/03/2021 To be confirmed Medway
 Bring on the Boys EYC 21/017 21/04/2021 To be confirmed Maidstone
 Makaton Level One Workshop EYC 21/062 17/06/2021 To be confirmed Maidstone