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Event Catalogue for Leadership & Management

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Event Code Date Venue Location
 TEP Talks: Bundle Offer (four sessions) SCH 20/765 22/09/2020 GoToWebinar Location not specified
 TEP Talks: Putting your Energy into the Provision for the Forgotten Third - Marc Rowland SCH 20/766 22/09/2020 GoToWebinar Location not specified
 TEP Talks: Closing the Reading Gap - Alex Quigley SCH 20/767 25/09/2020 GoToWebinar Location not specified
 Getting it Right for Disadvantaged Pupils SCH 20/793 05/10/2020 Zoom course Location not specified
 Ofsted Ready for Small Primary Schools SCH 20/764 07/10/2020 Zoom course Location not specified
 TEP Talks: Using Relevant Research and Evidence to Inform Practice in School - Daniel Muijs SCH 20/768 20/10/2020 GoToWebinar Location not specified
 Looking Forward to Leadership SCH 20/629 21/10/2020 Zoom course Location not specified
 Organising an Effective Reading Curriculum (three sessions) SCH 20/527 02/11/2020 Zoom course Location not specified
 Developing Effective School Self Evaluation (two sessions) SCH 20/653 04/11/2020 Zoom course Location not specified
 Ofsted Ready - Getting It Right for History and Geography SCH 20/615 10/11/2020 Zoom course Location not specified
 Getting It Right for Ofsted - Art and DT SCH 20/617 17/11/2020 Zoom course Location not specified
 Effective Monitoring and Evaluation Practice for All Middle Leaders - Aligned to the New Inspection Framework SCH 20/650 18/11/2020 Zoom course Location not specified
 The Substance of Leadership SCH 20/747 19/11/2020 Zoom course Dover
 TEP Talks: Navigation vs Knowledge - Thinking and Learning in a PostCovid World - Ian Gilbert SCH 20/769 26/11/2020 GoToWebinar Location not specified
 Learning from Successful Inspections (two sessions) SCH 20/619 01/12/2020 Zoom course Location not specified
 Climbing the Ladder- Preparation for Headship (two sessions) SCH 21/181 19/01/2021 To be confirmed Maidstone
 Ofsted Ready - Getting It Right for History and Geography SCH 21/178 16/03/2021 To be confirmed Maidstone
 Effective Monitoring and Evaluation Practice for all Middle Leaders - Aligned to the new inspection framework SCH 21/198 17/03/2021 Zoom course Location not specified
 The Substance of Leadership SCH 21/242 17/03/2021 To be confirmed Ashford
 The Substance of Leadership SCH 21/243 18/03/2021 To be confirmed Gravesham
 Learning from Successful Inspections SCH 21/180 23/03/2021 To be confirmed Maidstone
 Getting It Right for Ofsted - Art and DT SCH 21/179 24/03/2021 To be confirmed Maidstone
 Primary Headteachers Meeting - Maidstone, Tonbridge and Malling SCH 21/027 04/05/2021 To be confirmed Tonbridge & Malling
 Primary Headteachers Meeting - Tunbridge Wells SCH 21/029 06/05/2021 To be confirmed Tunbridge Wells
 Primary Headteachers Meeting - Ashford SCH 21/030 17/05/2021 To be confirmed Ashford
 Primary Headteachers Meeting - Dartford and Gravesham SCH 21/032 18/05/2021 To be confirmed Gravesham
 Primary Headteachers Meeting - Dover SCH 21/034 19/05/2021 To be confirmed Dover
 Primary Headteachers Meeting - Sevenoaks SCH 21/037 20/05/2021 To be confirmed Sevenoaks
 Primary Headteachers Meeting - Folkestone and Hythe SCH 21/039 21/05/2021 To be confirmed Folkestone and Hythe
 Primary Headteachers Meeting - Canterbury SCH 21/042 25/05/2021 To be confirmed Canterbury
 Primary Headteachers Meeting - Swale SCH 21/043 26/05/2021 To be confirmed Swale
 Primary Headteachers Meeting - Thanet SCH 21/045 27/05/2021 To be confirmed Thanet
 The Substance of Leadership SCH 21/244 09/06/2021 To be confirmed Canterbury
 The Substance of Leadership SCH 21/245 10/06/2021 To be confirmed Maidstone